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's remarkable traits continue to shine. Lots to be achieved over the next couple of days = more remarkable leadership from so many.


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Vision and Values

Our vision:

  • To provide the best quality teaching and ensure that our children attain the highest academic achievement
  • To create a happy, caring, secure and well-ordered environment which enables children to work towards achieving their potential, academically, socially, emotionally and physically
  • To provide a physical environment which is stimulating and aesthetically pleasing and which encourages curiosity and creativity
  • To provide a stimulating broad and balanced curriculum which caters for all children and encourages them to develop confidence and independence. 
  • To promote a school ethos which develops tolerance mutual respoct and encourages courtesy and consideration of others
  •  To develop in children lively and enquiring minds and the ability to reflect, and to question and to argue rationally
  •  To foster an atmosphere which encourages behaviour based on shared values, positive example and consistency
  •  To affirm and celebrate achievements and to help develop self-esteem and self-discipline
  • To provide equal opportunities for all children irrespective of gender, race, class or ability
  • To help children to understand the society in which they live and celebrate its diversity
  • To work with parents, enabling them to play an active part in their child’s education and the life of the school
  • To enhance the partnership with and between teachers, parents, governors, children and the wider community