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Internet Safety

Whether researching, playing educational games, communicating, programming or improving our knowledge, the Internet is a fantastic learning tool and at Hardwick we aim to provide lots of different opportunities for our children to work online. As a consequence, Internet usage is embedded across the curriculum to support all our learning and improve our digital literacy skills.

At the same time we are aware of the dangers of the digital world and provide our children with a progressive and comprehensive e-safety education through years 1 to 6.  Learning about how to stay safe online is an important skill in today’s society. Children’s Internet use is always monitored and supervised to ensure that our safe usage rules are being followed.

We would also encourage you to discuss the issue of e-safety with your child and think about the different access your child has to the Internet and how controlled or filtered this access is e.g. Smartphone, game console, tablet, Ipad, computer or laptop.

We acknowledge Safer Internet Day across the school every year. Here are some posters and information leaftlets the children made this year:

The websites below provide practical e-safety advice and tips about how you can help keep your child safe online:


Safe Searching:

Education Version of YouTube:

E-safety session - Tuesday 19th April 2016

On Tuesday 19th April we had a visit from Nick Speller from 123ict. Mr Speller did a lesson presentation for Key Stage 1 at the start of the afternoon. The children followed Lee and Kim's magical adventures and talked about how they use the internet. They then recapped Sid's Top Tips to remind them how to stay safe online. 

Mr Speller then did a presentation for Key Stage 2 children and parents, which included online clips/videos and facts. The children talked about how they use the internet, the dangers of being online and how to stay safe online. 

After school, Mr Speller did his annual training session for all school staff and governors.

Thank you very much to the parents who came to the talk. Your support in this matter is very important. 

Here is a comment from one of the parents who attended the session:

“I attended the assembly today so I could become enlightened regarding internet safety.  Mr Speller was an inspirational speaker and it was a real eye opener even though I thought I was quite clued up.  It was also helpful to know that the children are learning about internet safety and great that our children at Hardwick are being educated to make their own responsible choices from an early age.  I would definitely recommend this session in the future as the cyber world is developing rapidly and with it, risks that we all need to be aware of.    One point I thought was great – that I know the children will remember, is to treat your personal information like a toothbrush.  Who would you share your toothbrush with?”

Karen Hancox - parent


E-safety session - Monday 10th March 2014

We held an e-safety session for parents on Monday 10th March 2014 run by 123ict. Thank you to the parents who attended. I think they found the session very useful and informative.

Here is a comment from one of the parents who attended the session:

The internet has changed our lives, and for us as parents and carers it means there are so much more we need to be aware of to keep our children safe.  After attending the E Safety meeting in the hall on Monday afternoon, I feel more confident in educating my children on how to stay safe online. 

Nick the representative from 123ict covered the risks our children might face in his very thought provoking presentation. He gave us advice and tools to enable our children to prevent themselves from being intimidated and deceived. 

I highly recommend parents to attend any future meetings on this very serious topic.”

Michelle Hickman – parent 

Purple Mash

The school has a subscription to the online learning software Purple Mash. Children can access Purple Mash in their lessons in School, as well as at home. Purple Mash is a very cross-curricular and creative approach to Computing by supporting learning through Creativity (art and music programmes), Literacy (Reading and Writing programmes), Maths (games and data handling programmes), Digital Media (animations and e-books) and Programming and Control. It is also a great resource for English language learning and Spanish (the language that all children will be learning in Key Stage 2 from September 2014). You may also see some of the work that your child has completed in School. 

Please click on the link below. Children need their usernames and passwords to access the site. 


Computing club

Each term at Hardwick School Miss Jobson runs an afterschool Computing club. We have completed lots of different activities. We have programmed using the beebots, Scratch and iPads apps. We have made informative PowerPoints. We have completed different tasks on Purple Mash. Whatever we're doing, we always have lots of fun!