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Year 4

Home Learning

For those of you who are having to stay at home, please find some Power Points of the work that we have been and will be doing in school this week.  

I hope that you are back in school soon.

Take care,

Miss Fitzpatrick


Welcome to Year 4

Our first topic in Year 4 is going to be about the Victorious Vikings. We will be exploring their lifestyle, ingenuity and belief systems during this period. Linking Vikings to geography, we will discuss the importance of river systems to travel and settlement. In Design and Technology, the children will be producing a Viking longboat sail which will be displayed as part of a virtual art gallery towards the end of term.


Also in Year 4, we will be learning to read write and say the date in Spanish, and in RE we wil be introducing Isalamic beliefs and rituals. Coding will be taught in Computing lessons, which the children will be able to practise at home as we will be using the Purple Mash 2Code program.



Over the course of the term and in conjunction with the topic of the Vikings, we will be writing an information page on Viking longboats, retelling the story of Freya and the Goblins, describing the mead hall from Beowulf and writing kenning poems. The skills that we will be developing this term will be using:

· organisational features within our writing

· simple, compound and complex sentences

· fronted adverbials and fronted adverbial phrases

· inverted commas for direct speech

· similes

· proofreading for the purpose of editing and improving our work.



In Maths, we will be extending our knowledge of number to figures beyond 1,000. The skills that we will be developing this term will be:

· column addition and subtraction

· rouding 

· comparing and ordering numbers

· composing and decomposing numbers