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Year 6

Key Dates

Thursday 3rd September - Return to School. Please refer to details of school opening for more information. 

Friday 23rd October - Last Day of Term 1


Hello Year 6, 

If you are currently having to stay at home, please find below our Maths and English learning (attached as PowerPoint slides). Please start from where you finished in school. 

Please note that green slides are guided teaching, yellow slides are reasoning, blue sildes are independent work and purple slides are for reflections or recaps.

Take care,

Mrs Thomas


Term 1 - The Victorians

This term, we will be learning about the Victorians. In Art, we will be exploring the artwork and style of William Morris. We will be creating our own William Morris-inspired piece of art thinking about symmetry and repeating patterns. In History, we will be learning about many significant aspects of the Victorian era: Queen Victoria, the Industrial Revolution, inventions and the rich/poor divide. We will understand how the Victorian era has influenced and impacted on our lives today. We will link this work to our writing and also create pie charts based on our research. In Science, we will be learning all about electricity: its history, symbols in circuits and voltage. We will also independently plan and conduct a Science investigation by thinking about the type of investigation we're conducting, considering variables and ensuring a high degree of trust. In Computing, we will be exploring the history of animation and will begin by looking at thaumatropes from the Victorian era.

In RE, we will learn about the beliefs and symbols in Hinduism.

In Spanish, we will be learning to talk about sports and our likes/dislikes. 


In Reading, we will be exploring three classic texts: Oliver Twist, The Railway Children and Street Child. We will also look at poetry and nonfiction. This term, we will be focusing on the key skills of word meaning, retrieval, fluency and inference. 

In Writing, we will be writing a setting description, a newspaper report on Queen Victoria's coronation and a narrative extract. We we explore texts using drama and consider the author's choice of language, structure and content. We will be focusing on the following learning points:

- Making thoughtful, considered language choices: expanded noun phrases, metaphors, personification and similes

- Using a mixture of simple, compound and complex sentences

- Using FADs/FAPs as cohesive devices

- Using parenthesis effectively

- Proofreading and editing 

- Using inverted commas to demarcate direct speech

- Using reported speech in newspaper reports

- Using the passive to affect the presentation of information

- Using relative clauses to add detail

- Integrating dialogue and narration around dialogue


In Maths, we will be looking at the place value of numbers up to 10,000,000. We will look at written and mental methods for both addition and subtraction. We will be learning how to round to the nearest million and hundred thousand. We will also look at how to solve problems with two unknowns.