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Year 2

05/10/2020 - Working from Home

If you are working from home, please see the Maths and English work for this week attached. 

Try to read as often as you can. Reading four times per week will earn you a raffle ticket. If you are at home, we can still record this when you are back. 

Take care,

Miss McBeath

Term 1

Key Dates:

  • Thursday 3rd September - Return to School. Please refer to details of school opening for more information. 
  • Friday 18th September - Jeans for Genes Day - £1
  • Tuesday 29th September - Virutal Parents Evening
  • Wednesday 30th September - Virtual Parents Evening
  • Friday 23rd October - Last Day of Term 

Knights and Princesses

This term our topic will be Knights and Princesses. We will be learning about historical castles and how they were used, as well as learning to design and sew our very own castle pennants. We will be looking at a range of materials and their properties in science, and creating digital images in computing. 

Reading and Phonics

There will be a clear focus on phonics as the children return to school. This will be addressed through daily phonics and reading lessons in class, as we work to develop and build on the knowledge the children already have. 


This term we will be writing for a range of purposes, including a narrative, character description and information page. We will focus on traditional stories such as Rapunzel, Rumplestiltskin and Cinderella. The skills we will be developing this term include:

  • Use of adjectives and expanded noun phrases
  • Planning writing by saying sentences aloud, and using simple sentences
  • Accurate formation of simple sentences including correct use of capital letters and full stops
  • Asking questions and using question marks
  • Accurate use of the past tense
  • Handwriting and letter formation focus
  • Use of conjunctions such as 'and


In Maths this term we building and developing fluency in areas such as number bonds to 10 and 20, addition and subtraction of one from a number and counting in multiples of 10, 5 and 2. In lessons, we will use practical equipment and imagery to help develop a deep understanding of key concepts including:

  • Place value of numbers including seperating numbers into tens and ones
  • Addition of two digit and single digit numbers efficiently and in any order
  • Subtraction of two digit and single digit numbers efficiently
  • Odd and even numbers

These objectives will focus on developing children's understanding of number relationships and encourage children to draw on what they already know to answer questions, rather than relying on a single method. This will help as children progress to more complex concepts during the year.