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's remarkable traits continue to shine. Lots to be achieved over the next couple of days = more remarkable leadership from so many.


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Year 1

Sunday 22nd May 2020


Friday 22nd May

Please see attached below a letter titled 'Letter about School Reopening'. This document provides you with information about the phased reopening of Hardwick.

Sunday 24th May

Hello Year 1,

I hope you are all well and have enjoyed the lovely weather. Well done to all of you for completing another week and working so hard! Next week is half term, so I suggest you all have a well deserved rest and do things you enjoy like planting, going on bike rides and playing. 

I hope you all have a lovely half term break. 

Any questions please contact me at

Take care, 

Miss Eades :)

Reminder: Unfortunately, we no longer have our subscription to Mathletics, so you will no longer be able to access it. However, we do still have Purple Mash, which has lots of activities and games on to access.



Activity Ideas:

Cosmic Yoga - This is a great resource where children can follow yoga and mindfulness activites through fun adventures and stories.  This is a lovely resource to help to keep children calm while also having active screen time. Zen Den helps to teach beathing activities to children and give them that calm time they may need. Peace Out are guided relaxations for children, which could be good later in the day. There are also more active brain breaks, and a yoga disco for something with more energy. Link below.

Maths Activity Videos - Year 1/2 Tuesday 24th March. The activity can be found at the link below. 

The Maths Factor Carol Vorderman - This website has live videos, games and activities. The website aims to help children unlock their maths confidence.  

Joe Wicks - The Body Coach is doing live PE sessions from his youtube channel every morning at 9am. This would be a fantastic way to keep active! There are also lots of pre-recorded exercises for children and adults. Here is the link:


Read Write Inc live lessons - Live lessons run by Read Write Inc to help children develop their confidence of sounds and their speedy reading to develop fluency.

Audible Stories - This is a link to free children's stories, in several different languages. Audible have made the decision that these can accessed to help support children at home while schools are closed. This is a fantastic resource, suitable for all ages of children. Link below! 

BBC Supermovers - The children love supermovers, and they already have their favourites that they can sing and dance along to. Here is the link:

BBC Bitesize (Primary) - This is a fantastic online resource. The website breaks down areas of learning into subjects, and there are lots of videos and visuals for the children to use to help support their learning. Here is the link:

Science Experiments - This website has experiments that can be carried out at home with links and discussion points to support learning.