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Year 1


Hello year 1, 

If you are currently working at home I have uploaded the Maths powerpoint for you to complete. Please see blue slides in Maths for independent work. I have also uploaded English home learning. In the children's homework book you will see a phonics sheet at the front please practise sounds. 


Term 1

Key Dates:

  • Thursday 3rd September - Return to School. Please refer to details of school opening for more information. 
  • Friday 23rd October - Last Day of Term 1


Julia Donaldson

The first term we will be looking at the author Julia Donaldson. Have you read any Julia Donaldson books? We will be discussing her stories in class. We will be looking at lots of stories, the characters in the stories and the settings. We will also be creating ART on the characters through collaging. 



In Maths we will be looking at a lot at comparisons and looking at the value of numbers:

  • Comparing length, height and mass. 
  • Comparing two sets of objects up to 10.
  • Use equality and inequalitysymbols to compare sets of objects. 
  • Looking at a whole and parts.
  • Partitioning numbers up to 10



In English we will be looking at Julia Donaldson stories and writing character descriptions. We will label characters using adjectives. We will also be writing simple sentences about the settings of the stories and characters: 

  • Use capital letters, finger spaces and fullstops 
  • Form letters correctly
  • Use phonics knowledge to sound out words.