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Year 3

IMPORTANT INFORMATION for Parents/Carers - Sunday 24th May 

Please find Mrs Hawkin's weekly newsletter attached below with some important information about Term 6. 

Sunday 24th May   

Dear Year 3, 

We have come to the end of Term 5. If we were in school at the moment, it would now be your half term break so I will not be setting any work for you next week. 

Instead, I hope you can have a relaxing week with your families. Enjoy as much time outside as you can whilst the weather is nice, read a book, listen to your favourite music, play your favourite games and do things that you enjoy.

You have worked so hard at home and it has made me incredibly proud to see the photos that you have sent in.  

I have left details of the two competitions that you could enter below, one is from the Living Rainforest and the other from Medical Detection Dogs. 

My next update will be on Sunday 31st May when I will upload a new set of work for the first week back in Term 6. Remember, if you'd like to email me please use the following email address:

I really hope that you all have a super relaxing, and fun half term. 

Take care of yourselves and your families, 

Mrs Robbins. 


Medical Detection Dogs  - Story writing competition

If you'd like to enter this competition the details are below. The deadline is Friday 29th May which is the last Friday of May Half Term break.

Living Rainforest - Drawing competition 

If you'd like to enter this competition the details are below. The deadline is Tuesday 30th June.


Here are the links to the activities to keep you busy and active: 

Voices Foundation - this is a link to the singing that we do in school!

Daily Maths Lessons - Live 

Joe Wicks - The Body Coach - Live

Audible Stories 

BBC Supermovers

BBC Bitesize

Cosmic Yoga