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Year 3

IMPORTANT INFORMATION – Newsletter from Mrs Hawkin, 10.07.20

Dear Parents/Carers,

Please find attached the latest newsletter from Mrs Hawkin. 

Sunday 12th July

New Year 4s,

I am very excited to say that I (Miss Fitzpatrick) will be your calss teacher as of September. I am very much looking forward to getting to know each of you a little better. Both Mrs Watson and Mrs Robbins have told what a wonderful class you are and how lucky I am to have you next year. 

Our topic for the first term will be the Vikings. We will be exploring what made them such a phenomenal force, including their traditions and beliefs and the impact that they had on British history.

I can't wait to get started. See you in September but in the meantime take care of yourself and each other. Stay safe.

Miss Fitzpatrick


Sunday 12th July 

Farewell Year 3,

This will be the last post that I make to you because I am leaving Hardwick School. 

I am very sorry that I will not get to see you in school in September, but I will be thinking of you and speaking to Miss Fitzpatrick to find out how you are getting on.

You have all worked incredibly hard over the last few months and I am very proud of you.  I hope that you all have a wonderful summer holiday and wish you all the best of luck in Year 4.

Take care and keep smiling!

Mrs Robbins


Spellings and Handwriting. Preparing for Year 4.  

Spellings: Please continue to learn the statutory spellings for Years 3 and 4. I would suggest identifying which words you find tricky first. Then group those into lists of 10. Learn one set of 10 spellings each week. 

Handwriting:  There are 11 handwriting sheets which should take you up to the end of term if you complete between 2 and 4 a week. 


Reading Activity – Sun Safety 

Day 1 – Read the text for fluency. Highlight or underline unknown or tricky words and start to find out what those words mean. 

Day 2 – Read the text again for fluency. Go back to the tricky words identified yesterday. Check to see if you can remember the meaning.

Day 3 – Read the text one last time before reading the questions. Underline or circle the instructions in the question. Answer the questions, remembering to skim and scan when required. Finally, check your answers.

Day 4 & 5. Read a book from home.


Writing and Maths. I have attached a two booklets for you to complete at your own pace.


Foundation.  ICT, Scratch and Self Portrait.   

1) Explore the programme Scratch which can be found on Purple Mash. The Year 3 objectives are to explore scratch and to follow instructions to complete a programming task. I have attached a document to get you started. 

3) Complete a portrait of yourself, to go with the letter for your new teacher in September.