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We express our deepest sympathies for the passing of HM Queen Elizabeth II. Her dedication to the UK, other realms & territories is unparalleled & we thank her for her service. Our school will observe the mourning period whilst continuing to support our children, families & staff

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A great end to day 1 of our Y6 residential - campfires, smores & sunsets. We can’t wait for Day 2

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Home for the next 3 days! Our Year 6s, alongside our sister school , have arrived and settled into HillEnd

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Wishing all our families celebrating, a very happy Eid ul-Fitr 🌙

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Congratulations and welcome to our new Reception children who will be starting with us in September 2022 - we can't wait to meet you!

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Wishing our whole school community a very happy Easter. We hope you are all having a happy & restful break


Please see our video message from Mrs Robertson on our homepage


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's remarkable traits continue to shine. Lots to be achieved over the next couple of days = more remarkable leadership from so many.


Please check our website for latest updates and news about the Corona Virus


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We endeavour to achieve a high standard in all our activities at school and we expect this to be reflected both in the appearance and behaviour of our pupils.

All children must have full school uniform, worn correctly, for daily attendance at school. Uniform will usually be worn on occasions when children are representing the school, including school visits.

Parents and carers are asked to co-operate fully by providing the uniform and ensuring children wear it correctly to and from school, and at other times as required.

Our supplier offers the full range of uniform, PE Kit and accessories for pupils which can be purchased directly here:

MY CLOTHING - general branded items

CROSS EMBROIDERY - general branded items

Uniform expectations



​​Where to buy​ 


​​​​​Burgandy V neck jumper or cardigan with embroidered Hardwick School badge​ 

​​​ ​​Compulsory​

​​​MyClothing​/Cross Embroidery

​​​ ​​From £9.50​ 

Blue polo shirt ​(with or without school logo)​ 

​​​ ​​Compulsory​ 

​​​Parent choice/My clothing/Cross Embroidery

Various options available from local stores 

​​Charcoal/dark grey shorts, trousers, skirt or pinafore dress​ 


​​​ ​​​​Compulsory​ 

​​​ Parent choice/​ 

​​available at ​ MyClothing​​ 

​​Various options available from local stores​ 

​​​White or Grey socks or tights​

​​​ ​​Compulsory​ 

​​​ ​​Parent choice/​ 

​​available at ​ MyClothing​ 

​​​ Various options available from local stores 

​​​​​Black shoes​ 

​​(no trainers)​ 

​​​ ​​Compulsory​ 

​​​ ​​Parent choice/ 


​​​These are to be plain black shoes and they should not look like trainers.​ 

​​​Burgundy Book Bag with embroidered Hardwick school badge – Reception and KS1 only​ 

​​ ​​Compulsory​ 

​​ MyClothing​/Cross Embroidery

​​​ £5.50​ 









Blue checked dress​ 

​​For summer term only​ 


​Parent choice​ 

​​Available at above mentioned stores​ 

PE Kit 

​​House colour T-shirt ​ 


​​ MyClothing​ 

Available at a range of stores 

​​(Red – Big Ben, Yellow – Oscar, Blue – Nobel, Green – Invictus)​ 

​​Black P.E. shorts ​ 


​​Parent choice​ 

​​Available at local stores​ 

​​Satin striped shorts are also available at MyClothing​ 



​​Parent choice​ 

​​Appropriate footwear for outdoor sports​ 

​​White/Grey socks​ 

​​Compulsory ​ 

​​Parent choice​ 

​​Girls will not be allowed to do PE in tights​ 

​​Black Tracksuit Top/Bottoms​ 

​​Compulsory ​ 

​​Parent choice​ 

​​​Various options available from local stores 

Nursery uniform expectations

​What uniform do Nursery need?  

​We are slightly more relaxed about the Nursery uniform but would really like them to wear Hardwick School items where possible. The blue polo shirt and burgundy school jumper/cardigan are Nursery uniform but if My Clothing do not have small enough sizes (aged 2) then plain burgundy jumpers/cardigans are acceptable. The most important thing in Nursery is that they are comfortable and confident when coming into school. Black jogging bottoms are a uniform item, but they do not have to be purchased from My Clothing (they just need to be black) and children can be in other items such as leggings or grey school skirts/trousers if necessary. Whatever item they are most confident and independent with toileting in - they do not have to be jogging bottoms.  

​What footwear will Nursery children need?  

​They will need a pair of wellies for outside. They can travel to and from school in whatever they are comfortable in.  

​Do Nursery children need a book bag?  

​No, they don't. ​