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Term 1

Key dates

14.9.20 - Start of full week

23.10.20 - school closes at the end of this day



Welcome to everyone who has returned to nursery and especially those who are new to nursery this term.  It has been lovely to see you all.


Home Learning

If you are having to self isolate at this time please do refer to the below links for some great ideas on things you can do at home with your children to keep them busy and keep them talking.  Language and communication at this stage in their devleopment is so important so anything that will get them chatting is perfect.

Autumn - 12.10.20

In nursery this week we will be thinking all about autumn and the changes we notice around us at this time of year.  

Things you can also do at home...

- collect some leaves from your garden and do some leaf printing.

- make some play dough using autumnal colours - yellows, oranges and reds.  Or even colour some rice these colours and enjoy some sensory play.

- Our focus number this week is 5 so you could collect 5 objects from around the house e.g. 5 buttons, 5 cars, 5 shopkins etc

- We are also trying to work on name recognition lots in nursery so may be have fun with post it notes and see if your child can re-order the letters in their name with help.

Don't forget to keep an eye on class dojo for our song of the week and check tapestry to see what your child's targets are for the next couple of weeks.


Useful links

 - Hungry little minds - this is great for ideas on simple, fun activities for kids, from newborn to five.

- The Imagination Tree - lots if ideas for activities to support your child's learning.

 - What to expect when - this contains guidance on your child’s learning and development in the early years foundation stage.

 - 100 best children's books - make sure you enjoy lots of stories with your children.  It is a great opportunity for book talk and time to relax together too.

- The Treasure Trove - this is in fact a teaching resource but contains some very useful ideas for games and activities that you can do to help your child's communication and language skills e.g. playing eye spy and kim's game.