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Remote Learning Provision (COVID Contingency Plan)

In order to ensure that learning is continued, irrespective of full closure, bubble closure and self-isolation, Hardwick Primary School, alongside its other cluster schools, has developed the following plan. This plan offers remote learning opportunities whilst also acknowledging that some households have limited access to devices and require paper copies of work and resources.

This plan will be applied in the following instances:

  1. An individual/number of children are self-isolating because of a positive test within the household or symptoms.
  2. A whole bubble or cohort is self-isolating because of an outbreak of coronavirus
  3. Short term whole school closure except for childcare provision for key worker children


The plan complies with the expectations and principles outlined in the DFE document Guidance for Full Opening of Schools.


Page Downloads Date  
Remote Learning Plan (2020-21) 25th Jan 2021 Download